Glamorous Ensembles for Parties: Explore Ranna Gill's Latest Collection

We understand you have your favourites in every aspect of life! For some, it might be food, while for some, it might be life's luxuries. But, a large chunk of you all have a knack for attaining the best fashion. We do get the point on what good fashion means to you!

Oh! Is a grand party evening added to your schedule? Well, we bet you will be more concerned about what to wear than buying a gift for the host. And this urge of yours is what fills up the Ranna Gill store with astounding attires.

We have some new arrivals in the range of cord set designs waiting for you to explore! But, if you haven't done that yet, no worries, let us shed light on some of the most loved picks from our 'New Arrivals.’'

Embrace the Simplicity Reinstated

You are all aware of how trendy a flamboyant appeal in fashion is! But, have you put the elegance of fashion simplicity to the test anytime soon? Try it out, and your simplicity might just take all the fashion points in a crowd. Walking to a party with the elegant Emberly Jacket & Pant Set, paired with high heels, is all that you need to carry out that semi-formal and stylish appeal. The beige accent of this attire is timeless, giving you a stylish look to mark a statement in your next office get-togethers or corporate meetings.

The Floral Elegance is Unmatched!

Irrespective of whether you are about to attend a wedding reception, grab a bite after work or are out just to chill with friends, the Shereen In Liv Jacket, paired with its matching Shereen In Lane Pant, is going to give you floral charisma. Believe it or not, you will be turning heads everywhere you go when you put on such coordinate sets women love. It is because everyone who compliments you will be amazed by the fusion of style and artistry that this complete attire boasts about. Create a timeless allure with these exceptional new arrivals at our Ranna Gill store.

The Indian Elegance is Timeless : pls change the tagline it could be classic / timeless indian ensemble

When you intend to carry a simplistic look, there is no better option than the perfect Indian tunic set. Get our Indigo Tunic Set, which is one of the perfect matching sets women prefer to wear, letting you replicate a chic & versatile look, ensuring utmost sophistication and comfort. You get a round neck paired with the bishop sleeves, patterned with floral works. Pair it up with accessories such as a thick necklace and subtle earrings to complement the overall attire.

Create the Perfect Party Vibe

If you have a glamorous link-up dinner party coming up, and you know every other guest is going to wear some shiny bling for the event, why should you go loose on your fashion sense? Let’s add some bling to your attire too! Our Celeste Sequin Jacket & Pant Set is one of the perfect designer coords, giving you an intricate crystal appeal embedded with 3D and hand-embellished floral appliques, which will add a new layer of charm and elegance for you to create a standout appeal.


These are some of the new arrivals at the Ranna Gill store for you to check out. But this is not it! We have a lot more to offer you that's waiting across our 'New Arrivals' section for you to be ready for the happy celebrations that are coming up anytime soon. Most of our products are low on stock, so you have to hurry up and place your orders for the unique collections today!

We have diverse sizes available for every product that we have in our store, but the availability depends till the stocks last. Check out our Ranna Gill store to find your perfect coord sets online today!