Dress for the Season: Your Ultimate Guide to Midi Dresses

To create a wardrobe of feminine style, one must buy dresses and style them with accessories. Dresses of different lengths send out different messages about your personal style. One of the best dress categories to buy from is midi dresses. A midi dress is called so because it ends right at mid-calf and falls very gracefully on your legs. A midi dress is longer than your knees and is very comfortable to wear, too. If you want to take a peek at your beautiful legs with elegance, then a designer midi dress is a good buy. You can find beautiful midi dresses at clothing stores and online. 

A dress for summer- how to pick a midi dress 

When it is spring or summer, you would want to wear midi dresses that are lightweight and airy. Choose fabrics that are soft and breathable on the skin when it is hot outside. This will allow you to wear the midi dresses comfortably. During the summer, you should also wear midi dresses in neutral and light colours. For example, designer midi dresses in white, cream and beige look really good in summer. 

If you are going for a day outing or tea party, you can choose a floral midi dress with a relaxed, flowy silhouette. If it is a party, you can opt for bright summery colours like yellow, orange, pink etc. You can also experiment with the sleeve style by choosing simple but elegant sleeves like off-shoulder, spaghetti straps, sleeveless, etc. Avoid wearing full-sleeved midi dresses during summer,  especially during the day. 

If the occasion you are wearing the midi dress for is formal, and at night, you can choose dresses in solid, darker colours like emerald green, teal, red, etc. You can also wear a classic black midi dress from a designer collection for a formal evening dinner. The colour black paired with the decadent silhouette of the midi dress creates a look of mystery. 

Midi dress style tips

After you buy designer dresses online from us, you need to style them properly to make the best outfit. Just like your clothing wardrobe, your styling accessories should be up to date. 

Wear beautiful heels

When wearing a midi dress, you can never go wrong with a pair of heels for footwear. Western designer dresses in mid-length are made to create an alluring look for your legs. You do not want to show off the entire length, but you want to grab attention, nevertheless. To make that happen, you need a pair of bold and daring heels that highlight your dainty feet and legs. You can wear unique heels in metallic or neutral colours. Do not go for heavy and gaudy-looking heels that might weigh down the look. 

Look for lightweight dresses 

The whole purpose of a dress is to be comfortable and bring out your feminine characteristics. Designer dresses for women should not weigh their figures down. The dress should be lightweight and create a beautiful silhouette instead of just being a clump of fabric. Designer midi dresses are created to create a clean, graceful look. Choose a dress that is layered and made of flowy fabric. 

Accessorise with a belt 

When wearing dresses, it is important to accessorise the outfit properly. Apart from the shoes and some delicate earrings, you should also think about wearing a belt to cinch the waist and draw attention to it. A thin metallic or leather belt can be a good choice for such an accessory. We recommend trying different belts, but do not go for anything chunky to complement the dress.


Designer midi dresses can go from a day-to-night look in minutes if you know how to style them properly. At Ranna Gill, we have a collection of the most beautiful and graceful midi dresses that you can wear in any season. A designer midi dress brings out the feminine goddess in you with its unique beauty and elegant silhouette.