How A-Listers Are Taking Designer Looks From the Runway to the Closet!

There is no one definition of fashion that tends to influence billions. There are numerous fashion hypes that come in and fade out before you get the chance to think about trying them. But, there are certain trends in the fashion world that are meant to stay for several seasons. 

This is a simple representation of the noteworthy difference between fashion hype and trend!

To give you a perspective, you must know that not all Western designer dresses that celebrities wear on their ramp walks or fashion events make their way to people’s wardrobes. Among hundreds, there are only a few fashion trends that designers from all over the world adopt, and so do the consumers. 

As you all know, how keen are the eyes of celebrity ladies out there, who are always eager to put on those newest designer outfits that are not just good for the ramp but also for the wardrobe collection? 

So, to give you a better perspective into how some outfits made their way from ‘catwalk to closet,’ here are some glimpses of how some celebrities have made this phrase a reality! 

1. Summiyya Patni

Summiyya Patni is from the fashion realm and has founded MISU Fashion Consultants along with her best friend, Mitali Sagar. They did this upon being hit by a realisation of an evident gap between styling and fashion. In the quest to fill this gap, she has been supporting new-age fashion trends with an open heart. 

Palermo 3D Embroidered Sequin Jacket

In this picture above, Summiyya Patni is seen wearing the Palermo 3D Embroidered Sequin Jacket, which adds a phenomenal statement to her overall look. This jacket consists of a plush & satin lining, which complements the floral & black feather 3D prints and layers. The notched lapel collar just makes this jacket a perfect pick for both the ramps and beyond them. 

2. Karishma Kapoor

Karishma Kapoor, the Bollywood sensation, walked the ramp for Lakme Fashion Week 2023 with the Aurelia Ruffled Maxi Dress, which is also a hit product over the Ranna Gill store. With this dress on, Karishma did carry that showstopper elegance in her. The beauty of this attire has been appreciated beyond the ramps, in glamorous events or luxe gateways. 

The shimmering gold material brings out an elevated appeal to this dress. For further styling, this dress has a plunging V-neckline alongside the waist cut-outs. A look enhancement element is the accent belt that draws people’s attention towards it. The floral appliques, along with the crystal work, complete the awestruck construction of the dress. 

Aurelia Ruffled Maxi Dress

3. Sini Shetty

Sini Shetty, a beauty pageant titleholder crowned as the Femina Miss India World 2022, has been captured wearing the stylish Allison Dress, which is immensely ramp-worthy. Being embraced by the fashion icon herself, such Bollywood-style dresses are among the favourite trends in the industry and are appreciated over the Ranna Gill store

stylish Allison Dress

If you want to elevate the style with a luxurious yet subtle appeal, then this Allison Dress, crafted with a blend of linen and viscose, offers you a very elegant off-white shade. With his maxi dress, you will be in awe of the effortless sophistication. The braided halter design at the neck adds a bohemian elegance. It is one of the most fashionable choices that go well with almost all situations that demand you to dress up elegantly. 


So, these are the three famous celebrities who have been wearing ramp-worthy dresses and appreciating them to be worn out in the normal world as well. If you don’t believe that the fashion representation done over the ramp walks can be part of your wardrobe collection, change your thoughts right away!

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